Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rocking Horses - Childhood Magic

If you're looking for a tried and trusted traditional toy that will last for years, provide countless hours of entertainment and look great in your child's room, a rocking horse is the answer. Rocking horses have been enjoyed by children for generations. Traditionally a boy's toy designed to train children for horse riding into battle, these horses are now enjoyed by both sexes are available in styles to suit babies right up to older children.

The type of rocking horse you buy will depend on the age of your child. Babies and toddlers love the plush rocking horses designed especially for younger children. These are soft, cuddly and friendly and have a gentle rocking motion and other safety features which make them suitable to be used as a baby toy under supervision.

For older children, a traditional wooden rocking horse will be a gift that is treasured for many years and can even be passed down to younger siblings and eventually their own children. These beautiful toys look amazing in a child's bedroom and will be the envy of their friends.
If you're considering buying a traditional style wooden rocking horse, there are several options available to you. There are several specialists who handcraft and sell rocking horses to the public. These horses will be sturdy and lovingly made and you will be able to choose the type of wood that is used as well as the size of the horse and style of details.

For a cheaper option it is possible to buy a wood rocking horse from one of the bigger toy manufacturers. These are mass produced so not quite so special as a custom made horse but still make a lovely toy for any child.

The third option is to make one yourself! There are several plans available to buy online so you just need some appropriate wood and decent tools and you can get started right away.
by sally smithson

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